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GECEX Resolution No. 427 OF 12/01/2022 - Federal - LegisWeb

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Published in the DOU on Dec 5, 2022

Changes to zero percent the Import Tax rates levied on the Capital Goods mentioned, as Ex-tariffs.

The Executive Management Committee of the Foreign Trade Chamber, using the attribution conferred on it by art.7, item IV, of Decree No. 10.044, of October 4, 2019, in view of the provisions of Decisions No. 34/2003, 40/2005, 58/2008, 59/2008, 56/2010, 57/2010, 35 /2014, 25/2015 and 08/2021 of the Mercosur Common Market Council and in Decrees No. 5078, of May 11, 2004, and No. 5901, of September 20, 2006, and Ordinance No. 309, of September 24 June 2019, of the Ministry of Economy, and Considering the resolution at its 200th Ordinary Meeting, held on November 23, 2022, Resolves: Art.1 The Ex-tariffs listed in Annex I of this Resolution are excluded from Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of April 4, 2022.Art.2nd Ex-tariffs listed in Annex II of this Resolution are excluded from Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.Art.3 The Ex-tariffs listed in Annex III of this Resolution are included in Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.Art.4th Ex-tariffs listed in Annex IV of this Resolution are included in Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.Art.5th This Resolution enters into force seven days after the date of publication.MARCELO PACHECO DOS GUARANYS PRESIDENT OF THE SUBSTITUTE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ANNEX I NCM No. 8413.70.90 188 8414.30.99 009 8421.99.99 151 8424.89.90 465 8426.41.90 120 8426.49.90 076 8427.10.19 020 8433.40.00 238 8463.30.00 159 8464.20.90 060 8465.92.90 040 8474.20.90 182 8477.80.90 442 8479.89.99 482 8479.90.90 014 8480.71.00 247 8481.80.97 013 80.80.97 0.97 .90 096 9018.50.90 191 9027.10.00 199 9030.39.90 071 ANNEX II NCM Ex Nº 8419.81.90 165 8457.10.00 575 ANNEX III NCM Ex Nº Description 7309.00.90 024 Steel tanks for treatment with cylindrical epoxy sheets of industrial waste, storage of drinking water or wastewater, with a capacity equal to or greater than 149m³, with a diameter equal to or greater than 11.6998m and a height equal to or greater than 6.5m.8408.90.90 119 Internal combustion engines, diesel, with power of 510kW, speed of 1,800rpm, voltage of 24VDC, flange SAE 1, disc SAE 14, with 6 cylinders and 24 valves, in line, with direct injection system.8412.90.80 030 Chrome-plated steel rods, obtained by processing SAE 1045 round steel with a hard chrome finish, resistant to 200h of salt spray, rated 9 in accordance with ISO9227, nominal diameter from 6 to 200mm with tolerance f7 .8413.70.90 226 Centrifugal motor pumps, with casing and impeller, both in cast iron, the impeller having a diameter of 190mm, with suction and discharge of 6 inches, with a maximum flow of 180m³/h and a maximum head of 8MCA, being coupled to motors 13CV internal combustion diesel, 456CC, 88mm diameter and 75mm stroke, with built-in reducer, 25L fuel tank and manual and electric start.8413.81.00 088 Filling stations, equipped with an electric pump, with a voltage of up to 380V, with free flow from 10 to 2,500L/min, power from 30 to 2,900W, with or without a hose, with or without a supply valve and digital or mechanical meter.8413.81.00 090 PI-50 double diaphragm pumps, pneumatic, made of stainless steel, with 1 or 4 suction tubes for discharge and transfer of concentrated tomato paste or tomato cubes, with a capacity of up to 8t/h being fed by up to 36 drums, specially designed to move vertically, fed by a forklift with or without conveyor belts, equipped with an automatic indexing system, assembled in a single body, with PLC.8413.91.90 128 Centrifugal pumps, suitable for application with cellulose liquor (black) and wood chips located in the cooking, flow between 2,369 and 3,420m3/h, working pressure of 95mca, with pressure rating PN25 (ANSI 300), temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, equipped with pump housing, box cover and adapter, chip impeller, wear disk, shaft with hexagonal drive and shaft seal.8414.10.00 090 Vacuum pumps, liquid ring, equipped with single suction impellers, with enclosed electric motor (hermetic) with nominal flow 65/151m³/h, nominal suction pressure of 50/200mbar, maximum nominal temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, composed of sliding bearings and a double-ended rotor.8414.10.00 091 Vacuum pumps with claw comma, dry, stainless steel, with or without electric motor, nominal capacity greater than or equal to 44m³/h and less than or equal to 1,440m³/h, final vacuum greater than or equal to 50hPa ( mbar) and less than or equal to 140hPa (mbar).8414.10.00 092 Oil-lubricated rotary screw vacuum pumps, driven by frequency inverter, PLC, with acoustic fairing, built-in electric motor with power greater than or equal to 5.5kW and less than or equal to 90kW, with nominal capacity of speed 68 up to 5,004m³/h.8414.30.99 011 Double Stage Centrifugal Semi-Hermetic Compressors and Cooling Capacity above 290 kW.8414.80.19 159 Air compressor units, centrifugal type with integrated traction gear, mounted on a single "skid", provided with 3 stages, driven by a three-phase electric motor at a frequency of 60Hz, with power from 750kW, voltage from 2,000V, design air inlet pressure between 0.9 and 1Kgf/cm²A, design outlet pressure from 9.5 to 10Kgf/cm²A, equipped with intermediate air coolers (intercoolers) and outlet air (aftercooler);capacity control by IGV - Variable Inlet Guide Vane (variable inlet guide vane) installed in the suction, anti-surge protection system, lubrication system containing oil pumps, oil filter (duplex), heat exchanger (duplex), oil reservoir, cooling water distribution system;piping with connections;instrumentation wired to junction boxes;controlled by PLC.8414.80.29 006 Turbo blowers for vacuum generation in pulp and paper drain processes, equipped with: one or more impellers with a capacity equal to or less than 70kpa, with a volumetric flow rate equal to or less than 10m3/s, integrated electric motor of 600kW or lower, ventilation unit, forced bearing lubrication unit, frequency inverter, separator tank with extraction pumps and outflow measurement units.8418.99.00 043 Structural components for sealing doors of "French Door" type refrigerators equipped with electrical resistance of the "Foil Heater" type of 28 ohms with power from 7 to 10W, (according to the international standards IEC and EC related to electrical safety);Insulating EPS with a density of 26 to 32 kg/m³ and a maximum permissible humidity of 5%;Return spring rated to withstand a load of 5.06lbs tested in a condition of at least 600,000 cycles.8419.39.00 194 Continuous automatic horizontal dryers powered by natural gas or LPG, for the drying process of wet-formed ceramic tiles and coatings with maximum dimensions equal to or less than 1,900 x 3,900mm in raw form, with a minimum length of 14m and a maximum of 51m , with a width of the entrance channel from 2,070 to 3,500mm, with a maximum admissible weight of 46 kg/m² of product and with drying temperatures of up to 280 degrees Celsius, equipped with: modular metallic structures (metallic modules for drying or for temperature stabilization ), with 7 motorized roller planes, separated and superimposed vertically;motorization of rollers to cylindrical gears with helical teeth in oil bath, with motors controlled by frequency inverters and with forced ventilation;set of centrifugal fans for hot air flow recirculation, 1 for each module;centrifugal fans to remove saturated air from the external environment;hot air generator with direct flame burner and thermocouple for signal and temperature control, 1 for each module;gas preparation and supply easel, with valves, filter, pressure reducer-regulator and other safety components;external metallic piping for the recirculation of the hot air flow;set of metal blower flutes for the vertical injection of hot air flow over the upper and lower surfaces of ceramic products;with 1 or more stabilization modules, to maintain the outlet temperature of the part between 65 and 90 degrees Celsius;with sensors for viewing the temperatures and humidity of the smoke from the chimneys;with dryer loading and unloading system through conveyors with continuous and synchronized action, consisting of tables with motorized rollers and conveyor belts, elevators with motorized rollers for vertical elevation, diverting tables at 90 degrees, mechanical barriers for row alignment, with presence photocells, with or without devices for lateral deburring of dry ceramic products;set of electrical command panels with automation PC for automatic dryer control and loading and unloading synchronization, complete with safety devices;with or without aesthetic outer fairing.8419.50.10 062 Cabinet/arm type equipment for cooling servers/computer equipment through plate heat exchanger through "smartcoolant" liquid circulation for heat transfer, used for accommodation and conversation of electronic equipment in a cooled environment with capacity total dissipation of 50 or 100kW, with 1 or 2 dual pumping system(s), with storage capacity of 21U/19OU or 44U/42OU or 41U/39OU, maximum power of 750 or 1,500W, controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller).8419.50.29 008 Glass tube heat exchangers with vertical arrangement of tubes in a "V" shape for drying malted cereals (malt) with a thermal exchange area of ​​22,348m2, with a maximum allowed air flow of 2,009,000m3/h , with a maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.8419.50.90 035 Shell-tube type heat exchangers in Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium material (2.25Cr-1Mo-V) coated internally with austenitic stainless steel type 347H with design pressure greater than 100kgf/cm2g with special system for closing the SCREW-PLUG type head (BREECH-LOCK).8419.50.90 036 Shell-tube type heat exchangers in Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium material (1.25Cr-1/2Mo-V) coated internally with austenitic stainless steel type 347H with design pressure greater than 100kgf/cm2g with special system of SCREW-PLUG type head closure (BREECH-LOCK).8419.81.90 186 Equipment for fast cooking and operational flow management in food production on an industrial scale, multifunctional, high efficiency, with a capacity of 6GN's 1/1, dimensions equal to 850 x 842 x 754mm (width x depth x height) , used for roasting, grilling, cooking, frying, sautéing or scalding, through intelligent heating systems and multi-directional turbines, with rotation of up to 2,050rpm and independent, equipped with: intelligent management systems for food production and updatable cooking via integrated WiFi connection or pen-drive or remote connection via dedicated management system, with a single cooking cabinet;intelligent thermal control with a temperature range from 30 to 300 degrees Celsius, with a fast and precise heating system (up to 300 degrees Celsius in less than 10 minutes), an active dehumidification system through the injection of ambient air and expulsion of humidity, maintenance capacity thermal homogeneity between all levels of the cabin at full loads or with optimized climate adaptation capacity in the production of different types of food;intelligent and fast cleaning and descaling system (in up to 15 minutes to clean the cooking chamber and steam generator);preventive diagnosis system for possible technical problems;possibility of printing management reports, HACCP and technical diagnosis for maintenance.8419.89.99 369 Starch cookers used in paper production, with a maximum starch capacity equal to or less than 2,000kg/h of dry starch, maximum diluted starch flow equal to or less than 24,000L/h, capable of controlling automated form the flow of diluted starch, cooking temperature and dilution time.8419.90.40 014 Perforated and stackable trays for sterilizing wet animal feed sachets, exclusive for introduction and positioning in autoclaves with a fast feeding system through internal conveyor rollers, with a maximum temperature of 158 degrees Celsius;built entirely in aluminum;measuring 844 x 844 x 35.5mm;composed of 8 parallel rows, capacity for 48 sachets;with structures to fit one over the other forming columns of up to 30 trays.8419.90.40 015 Scales with multiple heads with 24 individual weighing cells and a capacity of 0.5L/bucket, 2 product outlets, built in 304 stainless steel;buckets with electropolished treatment;degree of protection IP-65;with continuous welding on all plate joints;12.1-inch color touchscreen control panel;storage of up to 200 programs;communication via Ethernet and USB.8421.19.90 100 Oil extractor centrifuges, specifically for extracting and recovering particles in related parts, with a drying and reuse system, manufactured with safety components in compliance with NR-10 and NR-12 standards, from a vertical capture process, with 16 gallons (60.56L) net carrying capacity, 23" (584.2 mm) basket diameter, electric heat 175 to 250ºF (79 to 121 degrees Celsius), 220 lbs (102,058 kg) carrying capacity ), G-force up to 470 G, rotation of 1,200 rpm, equipped with an electric heater unit with thermostat to ensure internal heating, controls adjustments and commands through touch screen (touchscreen) and controlled by PLC. 8421.19.90 101 Separating/concentrating centrifuges specific for the production of creamy cheese or mascarpone-type cheese, with a minimum absolute fat content of between 25 and 45% depending on the specification of the cheese to be processed, with sanitary design and conaseptic connections, production capacity ranging from 400 to 4,500 kg/h depending on the size of the separation drum, comprising: three-phase motor controlled by a frequency inverter without a clutch with direct transmission or a flat belt, a feeding system with a hermetic hydro seal without mechanical seals , discharge system through a centripetal pump with pressure regulated through a back pressure valve, manual or automatic dry extract adjustment system through flow controls and machine inlet and outlet density, CIP (clean in place) cleaning system, controlled by PLC with "software".8421.19.90 102 High-speed centrifugal separators for continuous separation of liquids (oil phase and aqueous phase) and other solid contaminants from oils subject to degumming and/or neutralization and dewaxing, fed through a closed system, with IP54 insulation options up to IP65, with a maximum drum rotation of 5,800rpm, with a special disc stack design for products with high viscosity, centripetal pumps incorporated in the light liquid phase output and a "fine tuner" system for fine adjustment of the heavy phase output (Goma) , variable discharge (full and partial) fully adjustable, mechanical gear drive, clutchless direct (VFD driven) high precision, sludge basin water wash, under cover, heavy phase chamber and heavy phase spy glass , with sensors and speed and vibration monitor, equipped with a main motor with a power of 22kW, parts in contact with the product and rotating parts optionally manufactured in stainless steelhigh corrosion resistance duplex, explosion-proof system with "ATEX II" certification, and with control by PLC and "software".8421.21.00 252 Self-cleaning filtration systems, for flow rates of up to 450lpm and inlet speed of up to 4m/s, equipped with 4 to 7 conical filtering elements made of 1.4571 stainless steel, with 'SuperFlush' non-stick surface treatment, which can be manufactured using 'Wedge Wire' technology from 50 to 1,000 micrometers or sintered wire mesh in three layers, from 25, 40 or 60 micrometers, backwash valve, electrical panel and electropneumatic cycle control or electrical circulation control;with a minimum differential pressure of 1.5bar between the filter outlet and the backwash line, operating pressure of up to 16bar, maximum head loss for automatic activation of backwashing of 0.5bar, maximum operating temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.8421.22.00 033 Machine combinations for filtration and clarification of beer by membranes with a maximum capacity of up to 900hl/h, with 1 to 6 "skids" and with 6 to 18 microfiltration modules by hydrophilic membranes in polyethersulfone and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PES/PVP ) per skid (up to 108 membrane modules), with filtering technology based on the principle of continuous operation of purging and feeding type "feed and bleed" in cross flow ("cross flow filtration") with regular backwashing, and with beer loss of 0.2 to 2%, with removal of yeast cells and components with a size of 0.5micron or greater, operating with beer from -2 to 2 degrees Celsius, comprising: filtering unit with 1 to 6 "skids" and with 6 to 18 modules of microltrafiltration hydrophilic membranes, with operating mode allowing high yeast concentrations in the feed stream, with filtering technology by the principle of continuous purge operation and "feed and bleed" feed in streamcross flow filtration with regular backwash, with permeate flow from 200 to 2,500L/h, membrane filtration area from 5 to 27m² and pore size from 0.2 to 0.8micrometers, with asymmetric/microporous structure , membrane diameter from 1.5 to 3mm, module length from 1,020 to 1,500mm, diameter from 160 to 250mm and with antifouling operation, with unit structuring in interconnection "manifolds" with double seat valves, butterfly valves , valve control and monitoring devices with electronic module with 24VDC communication, As-i, DeviceNet, 110VAC and/or IO-link and IP65, IP67 and IP69K degrees of protection combined with "Ex-zone" II 3G and 3D, SS 304 tubes, with "skid" for CIP (clean in place), with each "skid" accompanied by pressure and temperature transmitters, valves, control and monitoring devices with electronic module, beer circulation pump, beer storage pumps beer, safety filter, flow switch, meconductivity gauge, level switches, sight glass, filter, housings, sample valve skid, pressure indicators, piping and accompanied by reducers, mounting accessories, curves and fastening components, with piping and connections with Ra roughness of 0.8 micrometer or higher;with or without unfiltered beer refrigeration unit with cooling down to -1 degree Celsius with storage unit from 50 up to 450hl, CO2 supply accessories and pre-mixer;at least 1 hydrogel dosing unit with dosing tank with a capacity of up to 50hl and "skid";filtered beer storage unit with storage capacity from 50 to 450hl and CIP accessories;at least 1 post-filtering dosing unit with a capacity of 1 to 10 ingredients, tank with a storage capacity of up to 30hl, dosing tanks and dosing skid;carbonation unit with CO2 dosing rate of up to 6 g/l of beer and beer dilution, with inlet flow of up to 900hl/h and output of up to 1,350hl/h;"trap filter" type filtering device;filtered beer refrigeration unit with cooling down to -1 degree Celsius;CIP cleaning unit with tank, gauges, valves, control and monitoring devices, pump, water filter, temperature control accessories and chemical storage unit;CO2 drain unit;automatic beer adsorption and stabilization guarantee system with at least 1 adsorber skid, CIP skid, pipes, MCC panel, field panel, cabling and hoses;controlled by MCP control panel with PLC, field panels with remote I/O system with "interface" module and digital and analog boards, accompanied by accessories such as cabling, hoses, pumps, valves, instruments, among others.8421.29.30 018 Pressure filtration equipment for liquid-solid separation of red mud from bauxite processing, at a mud flow rate of 164m³/h and production capacity of 110t/h of residue (dry basis), equipped with: 3 automatic filter-presses operating through the upper beam system, with special suspended plates with 2 mud feeding positions and 6 filtrate outlet positions that allow "squeezing" to be carried out;4 cylinders for all-wheel drive hydraulic closing;high performance hydraulic units, with a maximum operating pressure of 15bar;red mud feeding units by centrifugal pumps;automatic filter washing units;filtered residue weighing units (cake);collection of filtered waste through belt conveyors.8421.29.90 213 Equipment for the purification of hydrochloric acid, on an industrial scale, equipped with an anionic membrane for carrying out dialysis by diffusion, with a maximum operating capacity of 114L of acid/ia, power of 115VAC, electric current of 15A, with recovery 80 to 90% acidic, 70 to 90% removal of dissolved metals.8421.29.90 214 Pressurized liquor filters, made of stainless steel or equivalent, suitable for recovering fibers in a pressurized liquor flow of up to 1000 m³/h, used in pulp cooking and bleaching plants.8421.39.90 212 Combinations of machines for the purification and production of liquid carbon dioxide with a minimum purity of 99.998% v/v and a maximum of 5ppm v/v of oxygen, with high pressure washing technology in fermentation processes for the production of beers, with self-sufficient CO2 generation for small breweries, with removal of components such as hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide (DMS), ethanol and other alcohols, acetaldehyde, acetates, other volatile oxygenates, water, with nitrogen + argon + helium balance and elimination of emissions (odors) and tastes, allowing recovery of CO2 with a purity equal to or greater than 99.998% v/v, with reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere, with a maximum production capacity of 25 to 160 kg /h of liquid carbon dioxide, operating pressure from 15 to 18bar(g) and operating temperature from -27 to -21 degrees Celsius, with 100% Potassium Permanganate (KmnO4) free operation, uptime equal toat or above 95%, with capacity for installation in +/- 10 days, with main structure in compact 40-inch air-conditioned container, plug-and-play type, for internal installation of non-peripheral components, comprising: charcoal filter activated for hydrogen sulfide filtration with a capacity of up to 160kg/h of CO2;low pressure water purifier for removal of ethanol and solids, with washing tower, "demister" eliminator, nozzle, saddles, seal, level switch and alarm, glycol-cooled plate heat exchanger for water temperature reduction to up to 15 degrees Celsius, valves, filter, flow switch, meters and CIP connections;inflatable balloon for CO2 storage in up to 9m³ with support, control device, connections and flanges;0 degree Celsius glycol cooled CO2 condenser with 0 to -4 degrees Celsius liquid CO2 temperature and 46/48bar(g) pressure;distillation column to obtain CO2 purity of up to 99.998% and corresponding maximum oxygen content of 5ppm;gas security system with control unit, UPS power supply, sirens, CO2 and smoke detectors;priority "blow-off" device with tube, valves and foam sensor;CO2 compression unit with up to 3 stages for gas pressurization up to 48barg and formation of up to 3 stages of compression with "by-pass" control valve, "intercoolers", water separators, valves, high pressure safety transmitter , oil pressure switch, switch, pressure gauges and thermometers;high pressure water purifier for removal of oxygenates such as acetaldehyde, acetyl acetate and alcohols, with washer tower for removal of sulfur compounds, "demister" eliminator, packing section, level switch and alarm, pressure indicator, water, valves, filter, switch and flow meter, and temperature gauge;dehydrator for drying CO2 by adsorption and removal of traces of acetaldehyde, with a dew point of -60 degrees Celsius at 1 bar abs/10ppm (v/v);with or without foam separation unit with CIP cleaning connections, with or without vertical storage tank with 20t capacity and 21.3m³ volume with level indicator, switch, valves, connections and insulators, with or without filling station of cylinders of up to 600kg/h with inlet pressure from 13 to 23bar(g), pump, valves, weighing system and steel base, with or without CO2 evaporator unit with capacity of up to 500kg/h with working pressure of CO2 of approximately 16bar(g) and output pressure of 6 to 9 bar(g), with heat exchangers, piping, valves, instruments and control panel for automatic operation, accompanied by compressor, valves, pump, tray and nozzles, without the use of its own refrigeration system, with automatic operations controlled and activated by a motor control center (MCC), PLC control system with I/O modules and HMI system.8421.99.99 156 Random circular elements with a undulating external wall, made of virgin high-density polyethylene in white with a design, equipped with 38 cavities, 18 of which are hexagonal cavities, 2 trapezoids with straight bases and 18 trapezoids with wavy bases, all with a thickness of regular wall, forming a structured set characterized by a total diameter of 25 mm and a height of 10 mm, in quantities greater than 118,000 pieces/m³, for use in the development of microorganisms in moving bed reactors.8421.99.99 157 Oil filter elements for wind turbine gearboxes;10 micron fine filter;with a beta ratio of 200 or greater for 10 micron particles;50 micron coarse filter;dry mass of 5.25 kg;length of 744.7mm and external diameter of 152.4mm.8422.30.29 492 Automatic tablet filling machines for straight bottle tablets, with PLC controller, operated via PLC touch screen, with parts in contact with the tablets entirely of 304 stainless steel, equipped with tablet feeding unit, tablet , tablet alignment unit, tablet-in-bottle unit, bottle feeding unit, bottle tilting unit, cap feeding unit, bottle output unit and electrical control unit.8422.30.29 930 Filling machines for "PETRI" plates designed for prepared culture media with a constant production rate and autonomy of up to 6,000 filled plates/h, carrying out operations of: filling standard "Petri" plates in the dimensions of 60mm (contact) and 90mm single and split, drying with lids completely off, tool-less switching between types of plate dispensing modules, separately controlled main and additive peristaltic pump system with automatic calibration function, automatic belt tracking , ISO5 class HEPA drying tunnel, nozzle heater, system controlled by PLC and activated by touchscreen for tracking the status of the plates.8422.30.29 931 Labeling machines for all types of cylindrical bottles or pots, with dimensions of 1,800 x 900 x 1,300mm (length x width x height), with self-adhesive labels with a labeling accuracy of 1mm (excluding product and label errors );labeling speed between 20 and 60 pieces/min;size of applicable products between 30mm less than or equal to the products and diameters less than or equal to 150mm;with a label size of 15mm less than or equal to width less than or equal to 110mm, 20mm less than or equal to length;220/110V, 50/60Hz power supply;with flask conveyor belt with speed adjustment, side guides and flask separator;17-inch touchscreen command and programming screen;commands by PLC;tray for depositing new labels;roller and bearing mechanism to maintain label tension;peeling guides/plates;reservoir support for recycling label backing paper;reservoir of labeled vials;presence sensors for vials;labeling head adjustment;adjustment of the label position cylinder in relation to the vial;adjustment of top and bottom, front and back positions of the entire overlay positioning mechanism;3 types of input signals through product detection and label detection.8422.30.29 932 Automatic volumetric linear filling machines for paint, capable of filling metallic cans and plastic buckets with a capacity between 5 and 20L, with a maximum filling speed of 20units/min for 20L containers and 24 units/min for 5L containers , acionamento por servomotores independentes, dotadas de: 1 esteira de alimentação de embalagens vazias, 1 cuba de alimentação de tinta com revestimento interno antiaderente de capacidade de 200L, com sistema de proteção para transbordamento e sistema de limpeza com água quente a alta pressão através de "spray ball", detector de vazamento, 2 bicos de envase simultâneo com capacidade ajustável de 0,5 a 10L cada um, 1 dispensador de tampas e tampador pneumático para tampas metálicas e plásticas, 1 esteira de transporte de embalagens envasadas, 1 sistema de verificação de peso utilizando célula de carga com correção automática de volume dos bicos de envase e dispositivo de rejeito das embalagens fora do especificado, 1 s

The Executive Management Committee of the Foreign Trade Chamber, using the attribution conferred on it by art.7, item IV, of Decree No. 10.044, of October 4, 2019, in view of the provisions of Decisions No. 34/2003, 40/2005, 58/2008, 59/2008, 56/2010, 57/2010, 35 /2014, 25/2015 and 08/2021 of the Mercosur Common Market Council and in Decrees No. 5078, of May 11, 2004, and No. 5901, of September 20, 2006, and Ordinance No. 309, of September 24 June 2019, from the Ministry of Economy, and

Considering the resolution at its 200th Ordinary Meeting, held on November 23, 2022,

Art.1 The Ex-tariffs listed in Annex I of this Resolution are excluded from Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322, of April 4, 2022.

Art.2nd Ex-tariffs listed in Annex II of this Resolution are excluded from Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.

Art.3 The Ex-tariffs listed in Annex III of this Resolution are included in Annex I of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.

Art.4th Ex-tariffs listed in Annex IV of this Resolution are included in Annex II of Gecex Resolution No. 322 of 2022.

Art.5th This Resolution enters into force seven days after the date of publication.

Chairman of the Executive Committee

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